Fortnite Funny Moments

If you see a celebration you just don't understand, there's a good chance it's from Fortnite, a video game taking the world by storm and seeping into sports in a way we rarely see. Hundreds of fans, semi professionals and big names from the world of e-sports, YouTube and streaming Twitch descended at the Esports Arena at the Luxor hotel in Las Vegas yesterday for a tournament Fortnite unlike anything that we have seen before The event was named Ninja Vegas 18 and possibly the first big tournament Fortnite Battle Royale since the game was launched in September 2017.

It will compete in the Multiplayer and Evolving Game categories, but missed out on the Best Game group. Better yet, Drake made it clear he wasn't a complete stranger to the game, discussing the differences between Fortnite and the similarly-themed Player Unknown's Battlegrounds.

Drake himself is apparently a big Fortnite player, and regularly jumps in or watches Ninja, now the most popular streamer on Twitch following the snowballing success of Battle Royale, when he has downtime in the studio. Each game included from 75 to 85 players, with a total of 233 competitors, including Ninja.

Ninja telling Smith-Schuster that he expected at least five or six Fortnite-related TD dances this upcoming NFL season. The popularity of the tie-up is a PR victory for Fortnite-maker Epic ahead of its launch of a version of the game on iOS and Android mobile devices.

But it was the intense and overwhelming achievements - all from relatively unknown players who came to Vegas specifically to make a name for themselves - that made the first Fortnite tournament a unique and entertaining affair. It encourages any players who believe their account has been affected to contact its support center immediately.

He quickly found a new and bigger audience in late 2017, when he started streaming PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds before switching over to Fortnite. Available for free on PC, Xbox One and PS4, Fortnite Battle Royale supports up to 100 players at a time in a game, either playing as individuals or in squads of up to four.

The Fortnite Best Moments world famous rapper joined top streamer Ninja and the pair teamed up to play Fortnite, the popular free-to-play sandbox survival game developed by Epic Games. To win his first game, Blind had to beat a very skilled and meticulous player called "Niibs", who was sitting right next to me throughout my three parties angry in the heat one.

Fortnite at full frame-rate also passes muster as a premium experience on all consoles too - 60fps is 60fps, after all - although small dips in performance occur a little more often on the base Xbox One across a general run of play. Drake claimed on the stream that he was a regular Fortnite gamer, checking out videos of Ninja on YouTube when he had some downtime in the studio.

This is perhaps to be expected owing to the sheer volume of players in a fairly localised area in these early stages but thankfully, these issues clear up once we hit terra firma, with performance quickly stabilising nicely. It also marks a significant moment for Twitch and game-streaming in general.

But in match two, Niibs made up for his loss by recouping the $2,500 snatched from his fingertips at the last possible moment by securing a mid-game kill on none other than Ninja. In a related development, the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (Bafta) has just revealed that Fortnite has been nominated for two of its 2018 Games Awards.

Yes, the Drake, the Canadian Grammy Award winning musician responsible for countless chart-toppers and a number of popular memes, appeared on Twitch streamer Ninja 's channel to play Fortnite yesterday, alongside some cameo appearances from Travis Scott, internet mogul Kim Dotcom, and American football player JuJu Smith-Schuster.

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