Who Are The Real Jews

This chapter exposes the greatest cover-up in the history of mankind and likewise, the greatest identity theft in world history by drawing upon proven DNA, Genome, Scriptural and Historical FACTS - which were discovered and published by prominent Ashkenazi Jew historians and geneticist doctors - ultimately uncovering the difference between an "Israelite" and an "Israeli". During this time the Israelite's were still in Egyptian captivity and multiplying at a rapid rate. After Santiago leaves, I ask the man what he thinks of the Israelites. This was an event where blacks, after slavery, had built their own Wall Street, became very wealthy; and white people found a way to literally come in and steal all the wealth and kill most of the blacks in those towns.

Second, in verse 7a he says it a little differently, but makes the same point: Nor are they all children because they are Abraham's descendants.” In other words, he is distinguishing here between two kinds of children” — there are all of Abraham's descendants, and there is a narrower group in that number whom he calls here the children,” or we could say, the true children” since the others are physical children also.

The notorious white supremacist leader Tom Metzger once remarked of extremist Hebrew Israelites, "They're the black counterparts of us." The belief system of extremist Hebrew Israelites is basically the reversed-color mirror image of the Christian Identity theology embraced by many white supremacists, which holds that mainstream Jews are the descendants of Satan and that white people are the chosen ones, divinely endowed by God with superior status over "mud people," believers' term for non-white individuals.

After my own research into these claims by the Black Hebrew Israelites, I believe that most black people are the scattered Israelites who had their language, heritage and nationality stripped from them by other enemy nations (as Psalms 83:2-8 eludes to).

In the Hebrew Bible the term Israelites is used interchangeably with the term Twelve Tribes of Israel Although related, the terms Hebrews , Israelites, and Jews are not interchangeable in all instances. So if President Nasser knew the color of the anancient Hebrews Im pretty sure he can tell you the true color of his ancient people.

Generally, the Black Hebrew Israelites teach that certain groups of black are the descendants of ancient Israelites and that white people (especially those in Israel today) are not true descendants. Like the Jews, the Samaritans accept the five books of the Torah and the Book of Joshua , but they reject the later Jewish writers, as well as the later Israelite prophets, kings, and priesthood.

The Latin community” is part of the 12 tribes of Israel,” which is, one nation under Yah.” Stoudemire is an executive producer of Village of Peace”, a documentary about Chicago-based Hebrew Israelites moving to Israel in the 60's. Okay, so If the Egyptians are a dark skinned Israelites people and Yoseph was white, would not his brothers recognized him even with Egyptian garb on?

Despite his dismissal of the Jewish Voice's test, Ilona still believes that DNA tests can hold important information, but they should be done on a personal basis for people who are interested in learning more about their history, not by an outside group with a vested agenda.

He then renamed the Island city of Puerto Rico ("rich port") The people of god now go by the byword Puerto Rican not Ephraim. Similarly, each of the Israelite tribes may once have had its own independent origin stories, which later merged into the various legends of the Israelites.

Much, much later in history came Christian and Arb Palestinians living alongside the Jews, pagans and indigenous peoples of that region which has never been a country, never a soverign state but kingdoms in a region until mandated land given to the Jews was renamed Israel and declared independence from the British and, thus, became a soverign nation.

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